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10A Grade Human Hair Deep Wave Lace Closure For Women

10A Grade Human Hair Deep Wave Lace Closure For Women

Lace: Korean lace 

Base size: 4*4 5*5 6*6 7*7 

Texture: Deep wave 

Length: 10-20inch


Grade: Virgin hair ,healthy hair , strong , hold texture well ,no tangle 

MOQ: 1 piece

Delivery time: 24 hours (working day) 

Market: middle market/ high-end market  

Certificate: through human hair quality test 

Return policy: support return policy ,but need to keep hair in good condition ,no influence for second selling 

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How to Start a Hair Business
If you’re new to the Hair Extension Business, you need all the tips you can get to stay ahead of the competition. Here we have our top five tips when looking how to start a hair business.
You should have many considerations and factors that help you go into creating a optimized hair extension business – you need reliable suppliers – this point will be the most important point of your company.
Below we go a little in depth on what is required, what is necessary for your hair extension business and why.

Hair Extension E-Commerce Website
Why do you like shopping at various websites or visiting them?
Because they have the information you seek and they look good, and they have relevant products. All companies who are serious about expanding their customer base get online. This means creating a great website with the correct detailing to the total image presented.
The images on your website matter. The content on your website matters. The whole layout matters. There’s a lot behind creating a website. While you can go ahead and buy a domain name, but if you don’t choose the right layout which is aesthetically pleasing, flatters your product and showcases it in the right manner, your website will fail.

Great Marketing

If you have your own Hair Extension Business, you need to get it noticed and out there. After finding a great hair distributor, this is the second most important step when working on how to start a hair business.
The only way people will know that your business exists is if you market it well with a great hair extension website.but if you can have a real store in great business center, that would be great .
Your website should be bold, catchy, informative and of course, sell your hair extensions.
But just creating a great website is not enough too. It’s all about hair extension marketing. You have to publicize your website through social media.like IG, FB, Twitter etc.
Social Networking is the key to a business’ success. If you look at the statistics and some users on any social networking site, you’ll realize the great potential there is for future business and prospective clients when you advertise your business on them.
Great hair is just one part of how to start a hair business. Your marketing is going to be crucial for success!
With hundreds of millions of users on social media, you could drum up business for your hair extension company. Social Media Websites like Facebook and Twitter are great sites to publicize your business. Make your company page. Write related posts that could be featured on Google Search. Blog about it. Be proud of your business and truly own it on various websites.
Companies like Facebook and Google have great advertising opportunities if you’re willing to go down the paid route. You are guaranteed to get the right exposure to the right crowd and the right demographics; it just needs a bit of work – but who ever said that the good things in life come easy and without hard work?
Even the simple old-fashioned way of emailing people is very effective. This is because this is a more direct approach. You are reaching out to potential clients, and you will be mailing them because they are either interested, or they know someone who is. This is a great way of generating sure business.

Website Platforms

If you’ve never created a website before, you may not know what works and what doesn’t. Fortunately for us, there are great platforms out there that have already done the science behind great websites and created ready templates for you to use. We highly suggest using the WordPress platform to build your website. It’s become a lot easier now to design and create a new website from scratch while looking good.
There are other platforms available such as Squarespace, Shopify, Wix, Big Cartel, and GoDaddy but nothing is better for selling weave than WordPress.
We have helped launch hundreds of websites to let you sell hair from home, office, or on the go. Choosing the right platform first is crucial. If you are not sure how to use WordPress to sell hair don’t worry, we have you covered. Check out our free WordPress Website Training that is specific to selling hair.
It is important that you don’t skimp n the details and the attention you give to your website. It is your online representation of your company, and this is what people will see when they are connected to your business online. You always want to give off the best impression because you know how the saying goes; the first impression is always the lasting impression. We may not want that to be so, but it always good to have all the advantages on your side.
Although we think nothing is better than a WordPress site for running your hair business, we understand some of you may choose to go with a more beginner friendly and popular ecommerce platform, such as Shopify.






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