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Changable Machine Made Silk Headband Wig

Changable Machine Made Silk Headband Wig

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What is headband wig ? 

The headband wig appeared just because of the lacek of lace wigs, as North Korea is closed , the market are short of lace wig , but people need to wear wigs, so our talent designer designed a new cap which dont need lace . Its wefts sewn on whole cap , but with a silk headband on front , which can help hold the wig on your head without glue. as we give a free colorful headband ,you can also match the band you like , thats so flexible and so easy to take off . you dont even need to go to salon . 

Most import is that as its without lace part, we saved lot of labor, so the price for this headband wig is much lower than lace wigs . 


This will be the most popular wig in 2021. 

  • full machine made 
  • wear without glue
  • styles changable
  • easy take off
  • fast producing 
  • density free control ,you can choose any density as you like 

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