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Do wigs have any side effects on people?

by:New one      2021-03-27

1. If the wig is too tight, it will easily cause scalp discomfort and cause scalp swelling caused by external force.

2. The wig is not clean and hygienic, otherwise the material will easily cause allergic reactions on the scalp. If the wig is not clean, it is easy to cause skin irritation. If the wig is worn for a few days, it needs to be cleaned of dust.

3. Use clean water to wash away the industrial raw materials and chemicals for the purchased wig, or it will not infect the scalp and harm the human body.

4. Dyed wigs are harmful to the human body. The formaldehyde content of national standard wigs should be less than 75 grams per kilogram. Under reducing conditions, aromatic amines are not allowed to be decomposed in the raw materials. Aromatic amines may cause cancer. This is the most harmful one when wearing a wig.

5. Wigs are flammable. At present, most of the wigs on the market are low-temperature silks. Low-temperature silks are flammable. Therefore, wigs need to be fireproof, and protein silk wigs are flame-retardant.

6. Wearing a wig will put pressure on the original scalp, and tying the hair for a long time will make the naturally growing hair appear sick.

7. The biggest danger of wearing a wig is that it will cause hair loss. If the method of wearing a wig is improper, pulling the original hair and covering the scalp, it is easy to cause hair loss by external force.
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