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hair extensions application and bonding methods comparison

by:New one      2020-02-14
If you have never worn extensions before, you should first choose the type of app you like or the glue method.Comparing your choices can be confusing because many methods are similar, but named after a particular product or company.As a result, two different salons may offer the same approach, but it is not clear due to the benefits and disadvantages of marketing.Here\'s an overview of the main apps you\'ll get so you don\'t get fooled by the company name.Clip-If you look for temporary hair extensions without much commitment, clip-Debris is a good start.These can be purchased in wig shops or beauty stores, with a wide range of lengths, colors and styles.In addition to buying this piece, you have to buy some clips so you can stick them on your head.Sometimes these clips need to be sewn in the strands where the extension is placed.It can look more natural once set up.If it is your first time, it is recommended that the stylist sew the clip for you and arrange the thread.Adhesive/Fusion this is one of the more common methods used due to the life span of the hair extension.Can use manpower or synthetic material, glue the stock with glueJust like the adhesive on the natural hair (the fusion protein ).These can be used to increase the length, thickness, or just to increase the color.If handled properly, the fuse can last for 4 to 5 months, and the glue lasts for an average of only one week.However, Overwashing, brushing your teeth or pulling can lead to broken strands and worn out looks.To remove the adhesive, apply a solution on it and slide out the extended part of the hair.Damage may be caused in the place of bonding, which may require trimming to restore the appearance.There are several different types of clips that vary in style and size, but most have similar features.The clip has several strands and is placed around the existing hair.Then clip it in place with pliers.The handle allows it to remain in place until the growth moves it, at which point it can be relocated several times before it needs to be replaced.This is a great choice for those who use a small amount of heat for styling.Too much blow-dry or flat ironing will heat the clip, especially the one made of metal, and cause burning.Sewing women who want to avoid harmful glue or clips may benefit more from sewingin tracks.These can cover existing stocks in full or in part.In this way, the existing hair is woven to hide under the weave.Then, starting from the bottom up, the weave is sewn from one side to the other.It will have to adjust as the root grows.It may not look able to detect if it is done well, but it does not feel touch.
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