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How much does a better quality wig cost?

by:New one      2021-03-30

Good quality wigs cost around one or two thousand yuan, and there are dozens of cheaper ones.

Wigs belong to the hair products industry in the light industry manufacturing industry, and their prices are affected by factors such as materials, production methods, and length;

There are two kinds of materials: chemical fiber and human hair. The wig of chemical fiber is made of chemical fiber. It looks a little fake when you wear it, and it will feel itchy, but the price is cheap and the styling effect is good; real human hair is made The wig needs to be processed before production. It is made of real human hair. It looks more real and natural. It can also be dyed according to needs. However, the price is higher and the styling effect is not as good as chemical fiber.

According to the production method, it can be divided into two types: organic woven hair and hand-spinned hair. As the name suggests, woven hair is produced by machine. Generally, it is mass-produced. The price is relatively low. The effect is not good. It makes the scalp itchy; the hand hair is completely artificial, it looks more natural and real when worn, more breathable and comfortable, and the price is relatively high.

In terms of length, there are long hair, medium-length hair, and short hair. The price of long hair is higher.
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