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How to take care of long hair wigs?

by:New one      2021-03-31

Whether it is a wig with pure human hair or artificial hair, it will be contaminated and dirty after a long time. Therefore, it is best to sew a hair net in the cover before using the wig, which will help fixation and Easy to clean.

Wigs are generally cleaned every 3~7 days. Before washing, use a coarse-tooth soft brush or a thin-tooth wooden comb to gently comb from top to bottom to remove dirt and dust. Then put the wig in warm water with detergent (water temperature 25~30℃), soak it for 10 minutes, rinse the wig gently by hand, and use a comb to remove the stickiness on the wig.

Attention, do not rub the wig in water, and the wig will fall off and break off in the following year. Finally, rinse the wig with clean water, and use a brave towel to gently absorb the moisture on the wig, apply a little hair cream to the wig, hang it in a ventilated place to dry naturally, and then fix it with a curling iron or blow it into shape.

If you don't use it often, you have to pack it in a plastic bag and seal it for storage. In addition, life wigs can be trimmed and dyed just like hair according to the user's requirements, and a satisfactory hairstyle can be arranged.

When you wear it every day, you can use the cartilage rib brush and the thin-tooth large wooden comb to gently comb the hair style. If you don’t use it temporarily, you can use a hairpin to fix it in the direction of the wave; remove the wig before going to bed and arrange it in a well-ventilated place.
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