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keratin glue or micro rings for hair extension application

by:New one      2020-02-14
Due to the popularity of hair extension, the minefield of the extension application is available.The following article may help clarify two of the most popular ways to extend applications, micro.Ring and glueIn the past, hair was seen as a luxury item reserved only for celebrities.Nowadays, hair is more than just for celebrities.Due to increased demand for extended services, many stylists have been trained to attach and remove hair extensions.The industry as a whole is growing rapidly, including a minefield consisting of different ways of connecting.Gluten glue and MicroRing, the most commonly used methods are compared below.The horny glue heats up in the glue gun, and the hair extension is actually glued to the existing hair.It can withstand both heat treatment and chemical treatment, and also form a strong bond to fix the hair in the appropriate position.The adhesive remover is used to remove hair extensions that glue onto a powder substance.If extra glue is used, the extension part can get a lot and put extra pressure on your existing hair.When the sticky glue is sorted out, the fine hair will be damaged.Microrings can be said to be the best way to apply hair extensions.Clip a small metal tube to the real hair to connect the extended hair.Good qualityThe ring is light weight and is lined with silicon to prevent hair extensions from slipping.Due to the light weight of the ring, the roots of your existing hair are not damaged.Remove just loosen the micro gentlyRing that allows the extension to fall off.Micro-The ring is a safe option for people with sensitive skin because there is no need to remove the adhesive.
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