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Top Quality Human Hair Deep Wave Hair Lace Frontal

Top Quality Human Hair Deep Wave Hair Lace Frontal

Lace material: Korean lace 

Lace color: Medium brown /transparent 

Base size: 13x4/ 13x6 

Hair density: 130% 

Delivery time: 24 hours (working day)

MOQ: 1 pc 

Hair Grade: 10A grade , cuticle aligned , no shedding , no tangling 

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How to find a good hair factory in China ? 
Congratulations you visit us , now we want give you some tips to find good hair factory in China . 
First you need to decide which grade hair you want to sell, because this will help to get right hair vendor  . If you decide to retail top quality hair ,then you can’t use the factory who only sell regular quality , oppositely, you can not expect Cheap price from high-end factory . 


Then how to find the correct factory ? 
Many new starters choose to get suppliers from Aliexpress, but I want to tell you that is very wrong , because Aliexpress is for retail , not for wholesale,but some vendor on Aliexpress can sell very low price , why ? Because they use very bad quality of hair to lower their cost which will ruin your business .So never buy from Aliexpress if you want to grow you hair business . So which platform should you search?  My suggestion is to search on Alibaba.com or globalsources.com , these two platform is for B2B , only wholesaler sell on that . But do you have better choice ? The answer is yes, you can google search with key words, like virgin human hair , raw hair , Full lace wig etc. You will find lots of websites .

But how do you tell if the website is what you want ? 

You can keep searching on FB IG with their brand name , then you can see what do they mainly sell , and see many real thing with their posts . if you are lucky you can get reply from their boss , then you can get better price . Even a salesman , you can get better price than Aliexpress . 


How do you get one hair factory which has the products you want ? 

You can use the key words to search on google , FB, IG etc. For Example , if you want to buy HD lace frontal , Just use the word “hd lace frontal” to search , you want find many hair suppliers appear . choose the one who appear most often on google or social media .
Search New One Hair on IG , you can get most new products, we update new products daily .

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