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What are wigs made of?

by:New one      2021-03-28

1. One kind is made from human hair and made into wigs through special processing. It has good quality and high price. In addition to human hair in ancient Egypt and ancient Europe, horse hair (mostly used horsetail hair and horse mane), wool, etc. Animal hair is often used as a material for wigs;

2. The other is called artificial hair. The Japanese Kanekalon (also known as 'KK material' in the industry) is the best, and K7 is the best flame-retardant yarn in Kanekalon, and the price is also good. For the most expensive, the others are divided into A wire and B wire. Followed by Japanese silk (currently the general brand is this kind of silk), Korean silk, PP silk (this is just a collective term, refers to all the poor quality silk).
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