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Which one is better, full lace wig or front lace wig?

by:New one      2021-04-09

To judge which of these two wigs is better, we must first understand where these two wigs go. The full lace is a mesh material with lace at the bottom of the net. It can be worn directly on the head, but it is stable. The sex is not good and it is easy to fall off. This kind of wig is rarely seen in the market. The front lace is the use of lace technology on the forehead of the wig, which can ensure a high level of comfort. Habit to judge!

Mainly depends on the hairstyle. If you want to have a longer life, choose the front lace. If you wear a light cut and breathable, choose a full lace wig. Lace is easy to deform because the edges are all nets, it is comfortable to wear when tired, but it will deform, but a wig occasionally can be used with some words, no special comparison is required. The real comparison is the comparison between the pure hand-made human hair and the real human hair mechanism. The difference is very big. The wigs are mainly compared in terms of true and false, effect and comfort. Therefore, there are more hand-made weaving and reissues on the market.

There is no absolute good or bad, different materials have different uses, but if you choose a wig, you must choose a better one. The effect will be more realistic. You can’t choose a wig for the sake of cheap, it will affect your image. 

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