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Why are lace wigs popular?

by:New one      2021-04-07

Men's lace wig is currently the most popular type of all men's wigs. Many people will collect a lot of information about wigs on the Internet before choosing a wig, but the various types of wigs can be dazzling, and they don't know how to choose. In fact, among the many types of wigs, the most popular is men's lace wigs.

What is a men's lace wig?

Everyone knows that lace is a smooth fabric with dense small holes

The lace wig is a wig made of lace mesh bottom, which allows the scalp to breathe, and can partially or completely cover the head according to the size of the patient’s hair loss

The advantages of men's lace wig

1. Breathability

There are a large number of fine holes on the lace, which can achieve a ventilation effect, which can greatly reduce the degree of scalp sweating and help the skin to breathe

It is very suitable for men who live in relatively hot areas, especially for people who are busy all day or who like to exercise and sweat easily. It is the best choice

2. Comfortable

No one does not likes the feeling of comfort. If a wig is not comfortable to wear, it will not be loved by people no matter how well it is done in other aspects.

Because the lace wig is smooth to the touch, it is light to wear and even makes people not feel that you are wearing the wig. At the same time, it can tightly fit the scalp without hurting the scalp, so it is very comfortable to wear.

3. Natural appearance

Natural appearance is the proudest feature of men's lace wigs. Each hair of it is tied to the mesh individually, which can swing freely in any direction, giving a feeling of growing from the scalp. , Which makes the wig look more natural and attractive

Not only that, this feature can provide more opportunities for hairstyle design, you can comb your hair at will, comb forward, center, three or seven points, or even backward, there is no problem, you don’t have to worry about men’s wigs at all. Deformable problem

Of course, lace men's hair block can also be divided into different types, the most important of which are 3 the difference is that the size of the lace used is different

1. Full lace wig

A complete lace wig is made entirely of lace, it has the greatest breathability and various shapes

You can try a lot of hairstyles, you don’t have to deal with disobedient stubborn hair

The hairnet of full lace men's hair block can be worn without glue. If you use glue, it will ooze out of the lace mesh, thereby reducing adhesion

2.360 Degree Lace Wig

360-degree lace wig means that the wig is surrounded by lace, and the center is other materials without mesh

But its breathability is still good because there are laces all around, it can still provide a natural hairline, don't worry about the bottom of the net being too obvious to be seen

3. Front lace wig

The front lace wig only has lace on the front hairline

The advantage of these men’s wigs is that their hairline looks very natural

You can separate your hair to one side without worrying about the bottom of the net is visible

However, since its hairline is only covered with mesh, and the rest is made by machine, the front lace wig is not as breathable as other mesh wigs.

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