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What influence did Covid-19 bring to hair market ?


Since Covid-19 happend in December of 2019, this changed all our life, all our business are influenced . But what the real influence did Covid-19 bring to hair market ? 

From the begaining ,we think the influence is from our clients , because it spread fast to all over the world, people will stay home , stores will closed , but we find clients are keep buying because they can sell online . but when we were happy to see that 

the bad news come , the North Korea announced that they will closed the board so that they can control the spreading of Covid-19 . 90% of clients dont understand what does it to do with hair market ?  But saddly , it do have a lot to do with hair market .

90% of the lace products are made from North Korea, the board closed ,that means there is no more lace products come out anymore . So after March , all clients found that the price of frontal , closures and wigs are increasing like crazy , but even price went higher and higher , clients found they cant buy what they want , they find they cant get long wigs in April , then they found they cant get full lace wigs in May, lots of clients are still waiting for new lace products come out , but finally , they lose the final chance to get medium length of wigs in June . When hair suppliers told their clients, hurry , to order what you can order , the stock is running out soon , but 80% of the clients still think we are playing games . But all of them are crying in July , because they cant even get any closures and frontal , now that the wigs . until then , there are more and more clients realized they have to hurry , but its already to late . 

But the good news is there are few hair factories are training workers in China, they start to make 5*5 closures in March. But as the labor is super high , they only make some HD lace closures so that they can sell out as HD lace supposed to be higher than regular closures .But when the problems still exist , the production is far to enough , when market need 100000 pcs, but there is only 100 pcs on market . So more and more factories start to training the workers for living .or they will closed . 

After that , the big problem come out , as the labor is too high, all factories are trying to save the cost, they changed the workmanship, so that workers can make it fast (workers earn money as pcs , not as hours ) . All we know , fast means lower quality. 

lots of clients are returning the closures , because the knots is too big , when its should be three strands on one knot, now its 10 strands. all clients are compaining about that, but we find this problem at the first time , so we stopped all the working , and did lots of changes of the workmanship, we pay higher to workers to make sure the knots are smaller . But we still keep the price lower than other companies ,because we want long running business .

Utill now , we stocked 5000 yards of HD lace which can make about 75000 pcs of closures, about 35000 pcs of Frontals. we have trained about 500 workers in China which can provide our clients well .As North Korea are not open again this year , we suggest you stock as early as you can to save your money ,because the labor in China will go higher and higher . 

we hope this article can help you for your business, to know more about hair , pls follow us on IG @newonehair

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