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Whats the difference between 8A 9A 10A and 12A ?

Whats the difference between 8A 9A 10A and 12A ?


Whats the difference between 8A 9A and 10A or even 12A ? 

There are too many standard on the market for the hair grade , usually they describe it as 8A 9A 10A or 12A ? 

But whats the real difference ? 

Here is the truth , for different vendors, it stand for different things , for us , The A just stand for the thickness , 10A is thicker on bottom than 9A , but hair quality is same . 

But for other vendors may means different hair quality , for example  , 8A means remy hair , 9A mean virgin hair , and 10A means raw hair , just like this . 

So you cant just compare how many A with different vendors , you can only compare the quality with one vendor . Because same grade of hair from Different vendors means different quality , when A supplier and B supplier both offer you 10A , but you may get acctually 9A and 10A . 

So do you get it ? 

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