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How to tell the hair is real raw hair ?


Recently , there are few clients orderred our raw hair , but feel its like sythetic hair or animal hair . To make it clear, here we give this article to let you know what is real raw hair 。

Question one ,Why does the hair so hard ? 

As its Chinese raw hair , the hair is thick and strong , so you may feel its hard the regular virgin hair , but just because its thick and strong , so it can last very long time compared to virgin hair .and even you perm it , it can keep the curl better than virgin hair .

Question two ,The the blonde raw hair looks like sythetic hair , why ? 

As its pure raw hair , its easy to be bleached to pure blonde which looks it as blonde and pure as synthetic hair , but when you touch and feel the hair , you will find it has the softess and cuticle which synthetich hair does not have .

And the most outstanding features of the raw blonde hair is its more pure than virgin hair or remy hair , because they has miscellaneous strips in the hair , like brown hair ,or red hair . and the second feature is its stronger than virgin hair or remy hair , when you strech it , you will find its not easy to broke it like remy hair . the third feature is that when you wash the synthetic hair , you will find its puffy ,and cant even use any more .But for the raw blonde hair , its still straight and silky after washing .

Quesion three ,my client said it looks like animal hair , is that true ? 

Dear , did you ever find any animal can grow 30inch hair ? if you can find , pls tell me which one , because I want to buy the animals to collect its hair :-)

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